STOP PRESS! This is The Most Awesome Thing Ever.

I found it on FeministAspie’s blog.  So far as I can tell, she hails from the UK; is a woman, a Feminist and autistic; loves Doctor Who; and probably goes to the same University that I did.  And she posted this video.  All of this makes me happier than really befits a woman of my age and station.


*flap flap*


4 thoughts on “Wholalia

  1. Thanks for reminding me that this video exists! 😛 I also love how so many of them end up sounding like a repeated question-and-answer loop… xD

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  2. Oh yeah, and because I’m now curious as to whether any clues I’ve left are accurate, where did you study? 🙂


    • Bigger On The Inside

      You commented on someone else’s blog that you once had a little moment of echolalia about the word Magdalen. I used to do the same with ‘Lamb and Flag.’ 😉


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